Emergency Roadside Assistance in Johnson City, Tennessee

Roadside assistance

Are you stranded on the side of the road and need to tow your vehicle to the mechanic shop? Sometimes you don’t need a tow but some roadside assistance services. We have a variety of roadside services and those are jump starts, gas delivery, tire change, car lockouts, and battery replacements.

Roadside assistance is very helpful in time of emergency. Towing can be a part of it but it is the final thing to do when your vehicle is not working at all. We provide all types of roadside assistance when your vehicle is stuck. You can call us to get assistance for any type of job. We are attentive to each issue.

24/7 Emergency Tow Truck Towing in Johnson City, TN. Call us now at 423-722-1001.

Lock out service

Modern car locks have complex designs to provide high safety from theft. They are very good for safety but sometimes, you are unable to open the lock at your own. There can be many causes of the same. It can be due to error in lock or your own mistake. Whatsoever is the cause, you will need assistance to open the complex car lock. Our car roadside assistance services are available instantly for quick resolution of such small issues.


Jump-start is a common solution to many car issues. You car may not start due to many reasons and some causes need a jump-start. When your clutch does not work in standing car, something is jammed and you need to move the tires. Hence, pushing the car can help. We provide emergency roadside assistance to jump-start your car.


When you are on a long drive and there is no source of fueling your vehicle in nearby area, you can simply run out of fuel and your vehicle may stop. For this easy car roadside assistance, you can make us a call and we will reach to your at the earliest possible. We also provide gas services for your vehicles.

Tire change

The tire can puncture anytime. This very common thing can happen to your vehicle. You may have a spare tire but sometimes, spare tire is not available. Many people do not have enough skills of changing the tire even when they have one tire in spare. In all such cases, we provide tire change services for all types of vehicles.

Vehicle recovery

If your vehicle is stuck somewhere and you are unable to wait there, we assure you vehicle recovery from the location. In emergency, you may be unable to stay near your vehicle but you cannot leave it on road too. Our emergency roadside services will help you complete our work without worrying about your vehicle and we will keep updating you about the process.

Mechanics with wheel lift

Some small issues in vehicles can be repaired on the spot. Sometimes the drivers have skills to repair the vehicle but lifting can be an obstacle. We provide mechanics with wheel lifting equipment to repair the vehicle on the spot. If it is repairable, you can save your time and cost of towing.